Dear Friends

We would like to give you an update of the happenings @ Miravel.

Vineyard: The 2012 harvest is now complete and generally it has been a longer harvest season due to the cooler spring and summer weather conditions, which bodes well for the quality of the wines. 2012 should by all accounts be an excellent vintage.

This harvest season we had contracts to supply the following Estates with our premium grapes:
• Ken Forrester Vineyards – Sauvignon Blanc
• Mulderbosch Vineyards – Sauvignon Blanc
• Le Riche and Delaire – Cabernet Sauvignon
• Waterstone Wines – Merlot

We are working closely with the above Estates and look forward to tasting the wines.

Family Reserve Ella was released last year (Only two barrels were made!) and is a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Ella has been extremely well received and was also awarded a Silver Medal in the Michelangelo International Wine Awards competition 2011. A small consignment was exported to New York and was sold out in a short period of time, some of the wines a sold to the oldest wine shop in USA, Acker, Merrall and Condit.

A Family Reserve 2010 will be bottled later this year from wine is still in barrel, we have done a couple of tastings and we are very excited about this vintage. We are planning to bottle a Bordeaux blend for the first time!

The 2012 vintage red wines are also in barrel now and still under going malolactic fermentation. This being an excellent harvest we have high great expectations for this vintage.

Pressing the grapes! Wine bubbling away!

Sauvignon Blanc: This wine continues to be enjoyed by many, and at the beginning of this year we had an order for Sweden which has just arrived in that country. We look forward to hearing how the wine will be received in Sweden!

Sauvignon Blanc in a barrel: This year we have put some sauvignon in a barrel, and are very excited about this new range. Sauvignon Blanc being our flagship wine it will give us an opportunity to add another label and to show the wines versatility.

Recipes: We will be giving you recipes that pair well with the Miravel wines. Our first recipe that Camilla, mother of Ella, has put together is the Lebanese Whole Trout, she says “If you have to try one new recipe this year, this is the one!” So go ahead and try it, Mike, maybe we should attach the recipe as Pdf file to the newsletter, as the recipe is not yet on the website?

Cheese platters and wine tastings: Winter is here and we are now offering Cheese platters (R 120 for two persons) Tasting is by appointment, so come and enjoy a personalised wine tasting with the owner of Miravel and enjoy first hand knowledge of the wines.

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